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Publication date: 04/15
Price: NZ$55.00

By Barrie Heather & Hugh Robertson, illustrated by Derek Onley 464 pages and 85 colour paintings

The only field guide to New Zealand birds officially endorsed by the Ornithological Society of New Zealand, this is the most authoritative reference available – a wonderful celebration of our extraordinary and diverse birdlife.

The Field Guide to the Birds of New Zealand is the modern classic of the genre – the tried and trusted reference for lovers of New Zealand birds! 

  • Comprehensive, reliable and easy to use
  • 374 species, including 35 additions - the books biggest revision since first publication
  • 85 stunning colour paintings of New Zealand birds, including rare and recently extinct species
  • An introduction to key bird-watching sites
  • Distribution maps and in-depth guide to field identification
  • An additional handbook section including details on the distribution, habitat, population, conservation, breeding, behaviour and feeding habits of each species
  • Paintings by a leading New Zealand bird artist and text by two renowned New Zealand bird experts, assisted by many other birdwatchers and scientists

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Publication date: 03/15
Price: NZ$25.99

Discover the prehistoric birdlife of North Canterbury and see the birds as you have never seen them before! 
Packed with Rod Morris's stunning images of New Zealand's lost birds.
Ideal for reference, school projects, as a gift, or for your coffee table!

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For every copy sold via Birds New Zealand 25 cents will be donated to the Birds NZ Projects Assistance Fund!

Publication date: 05/10

Checklist of the birds of New Zealand and the Ross Dependency, Antarctica. Fourth Edition 2010

By The Checklist Committee (Dr Brian Gill, Convener) Ornithological Society of New Zealand. 

Published by Te Papa Press in association with the Ornithological Society of New Zealand Inc.

This Checklist, like its predecessors, provides a compact guide to the classification and distribution of the birds of the New Zealand region.The Checklist is the official register of all birds accepted as part of the New Zealand avifauna, and is updated every 10-20 years.

Now out of print.

Publication date: 03/99
Price: NZ$24.00

A Tribute to Richard B.Sibson (19911-1994) and Barrie D. Heather (1931-1995)

Edited by Hugh A. Robertson.

A Special edition of Notornis, Volume 46, Part 1, March 1999.

The Ornithological Society of New Zealand recently lost two of its very select group of Honorary Life Members, Dick Sibson and Barrie Heather. Both were keen amateur members, both were honorary editors of the society's journal Notornis (1955-72 and 1978-94 respectively) and above all, both were wader enthusiasts.

Given the special interests that Sib and Barrie shared in waders and in publishing, the Council of the Ornithological Society of New Zealand decided to commemorate their significant contributions to the study of waders in New Zealand by publishing this collection of papers as a special memorial issue of Notornis.

The seventeen papers or short notes on waders in this issue are split into three topic areas: distribution and numbers, seasonal moveents, and general ecology of waders. These were all areas of special interest to both Sib and Barrie.

Publication date: 12/94
Price: NZ$19.00

A Tribute to Sir Charles A. Fleming KBE, DSc, FRS, FRSNZ 1916-1987

Edited by Richard N. Holdaway

A Special edition of Notornis, Volume 41, Supplement, December 1994.

The contributions to this Fleming Memorial Issue of Notornis can touch on only a small part of Sir Charles Fleming's encyclopaedic interests. Underlying all the accounts, however, one can discern the extent of his contributions to science and society in New Zealand. The natural sciences, particularly geology and ornithology, are fortunate in being able to claim Sir Charles as their own. His enthusiasm led him to enter many other fields, but it is with birds, and especially Chatham Island birds, that most Society members will associate him.

This volume begins with Peter Bull's appreciation of Sir Charles Fleming's contribution to Chatham Island ornithology in which he summarises Sir Charles's special contribution to knowledge of Chatham Island birds and his staunch and lasting advocacy of protection and research on the islands and their fauna. The follow 15 papers whose contents range from general summaries of the land (Freeman) and oceanic (Imber) birds, to detailed studies of parakeets (Nixon), passerines (McLean et al.), Brown Skuas (Young), and Shore Plover (Davis).

Publication date: 09/90
Price: NZ$14.00

Commemorating Fifty Years of the Ornithological Society of New Zealand 1940-1990

Compiled and edited by B.J. Gill and B.D. Heather

Published in 1990 by Random Century in association with the Ornithological Society of New Zealand Inc.

This book has been published to commemorate the fiftieth anniversary of the Ornithological Society of New Zealand. It is a collection of essays by a diverse range of members of the Society. The essays cover the history of the Society and its various schemes, reminiscences of the Society's early days, reviews of various specialised aspects of ornithology - from birds in art to bird banding - and biographical accounts of key figures in the history of ornithology in New Zealand.

Accompanied by numerous illustrations, this book is a comprehensive celebration of New Zealand ornithology.

Publication date: 09/90
Price: NZ$14.00

An Index to Notornis 1939-1989
B.D. Heather and P.M. Sheehan

Published in 1990 by the Ornithological Society of New Zealand Inc.
This index provides a means to easily locate papers and short notes published in the Society's publications over the last fifty years. The index is in two parts:

Author index
Subject index
This is not a comprehensive index; that is, it does not list every mention of every bird regardless of the value of the reference. It does, however, provide a very useful starting point for locating references by author or subject.


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