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Latest News

Monarch Wildlife Cruises & Tours in Dunedin are offering a 20% discount to Birds NZ members for their "Wildlife Cruises".

As well,...

The 2017 New Zealand Bird Conference and AGM of Birds New Zealand will be held in Te Anau (Southland) during Queens Birthday...

The 2017 Birds New Zealand Youth Camp provided 12 young people with a hands-on experience. Read Eleanor's trip report ...

The 2017 David Medway Scholarship has been awarded to Toby Ross for his project:

"Foraging ecology of Bar-tailed Godwits (Limosa...

Read latest Banding Newsletter here.

BirdLife Australia and Birds New Zealand bring you our biennial Australasian Ornithological Conference (AOC) for all those interested in the study...

A paper has just been published on shorebird decline due to disappearing mudflats in the Yellow Sea. Read the full...

Notornis is an important means for information on...

A recently published paper in the journal Biological Conservation highlights how eBird data is used in the real world to support...

China has added critical migratory waterbird sites in the Bohai Gulf and Yellow Sea to the World Heritage Tentative List!



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