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We invite applications from individuals or groups/organisations who are prepared to make a difference in bird research in New Zealand!


Plastic ingestion by seabirds is an issue of growing concern. As part of her PhD, Lauren Roman from Tasmania, will be visiting New Zealand in...

Several years ago the Society decided that it would be desirable to have guide maps to the easily accessible sites to encourage bird watching....

The Garden Bird Survey was established by Landcare Research in collaboration with the Ornithological Society and Forest & Bird, to monitor...
Number of breeding Red-billed Gulls has declined by around one third since 1965!


Dr Leigh Bull, a consulting ecologist for Boffa Miskell Ltd, has been appointed as the new editor of the journal Notornis. Leigh has had a long...

The 10th Australasian Shorebird Conference will be held at UNITEC Institute of Technology in Auckland on 1-2 October 2016.


I am a conservation genetics researcher at the University of Otago and I have been working in bird research for the past seven years.  I'm...

I have worked at the Department of Conservation for almost ten years now. Despite a Master’s degree in Biology, I don’t work as a scientist- I’m...


The 2016 New Zealand Birds Conference and AGM in Napier was a very successful event!

Abstracts from the scientific talks are available for...


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