Friday, August 18, 2017

2017 Garden Bird Survey

Just a reminder that this year's Garden Bird Survey runs from 24 June to 2 July. It is open to anybody who can identify the birds in their garden. All you need to do is spend one hour watching the birds in your garden on one day between the above dates. For each species you detect, record the highest number you see or hear at one time. Full survey instructions, a bird identification guide, and an online survey form are available here:

For help with bird identifcation visit

The survey is a quick fun way to count birds without leaving your porch!    

*Note: The Garden Bird survey is a collaborative project, supported by Birds New Zealand and established in 2006 to study the distribution and population trends of our common garden birds. By participating in the survey you will help build up a picture of how both native and introduced birds are faring in our gardens over the years and give us an indication of which species may be in decline, helping guide future conservation efforts. Results of previous surveys are available on the garden bird survey website.