Monday, March 25, 2019

December edition of Birds New Zealand magazine published

The December 2018 edition of Birds New Zealand magazine has been published, containing news of research projects to be funded by the Birds New Zealand Research Fund 2018, next year’s New Zealand Bird Conference and 90th AGM in Wellington, the New Zealand Bird Atlas scheme, and a new logo and website for Birds New Zealand.

Research to be funded by the Birds New Zealand Research Fund 2018 includes projects that will focus on Hoiho (Yellow-eyed Penguin), Tawaki (Fiordland Crested Penguin), Penguin colony mapping, Tui, Kakapo, Kea, Kaka, Northern Brown Kiwi, Tokoeka, South Island Takahe, New Zealand Storm Petrel genetics and Northland seabird surveys.

This edition also reports the results of two projects funded in 2017 which surveyed Buller’s Shearwaters at the Poor Knights Islands and Roroa (Great Spotted Kiwi) in north-west Nelson, and a new study describing an extinct shearwater species from fossils found in 2.5–5.3 million-year-old deposits in coastal Taranaki.

It also features illustrated articles about birdwatching in the Solomon Islands by Immediate Past President David Lawrie and about a Northland ‘Bioblitz’ survey by Nic Rawlence of the University of Otago.

It also contains the quarterly report from the Society's President Bruce McKinlay, our regular quarterly reports from around the regions, and more book reviews.

Link to the online edition of the magazine: