Saturday, December 15, 2018

Birds NZ Research Fund (BNZRF)

The "Birds New Zealand Research Fund" is a national fund that is managed by our Executive Officer on behalf of T/GEAR, a New Zealand Charitable Trust.

Funding ranging from $1,500 to $10,000 may be awarded. This fund provides financial assistance mainly for logistics and purchase of equipment and consumables. For smaller projects refer to the Projects Assistance Fund. Payments will be funded retrospective (either after submission of the interim or final project report) and are for a 12 month period only. In the event of financial hardship, exemptions may be made after prior consultation.

Who can apply?

Applications will be accepted from individuals, students, researchers within universities, or organisations prepared to make a difference through ornithological research, with outcomes likely to provide for better management of New Zealand birds or their environment. The applicant has to be a current member of Birds New Zealand, living in New Zealand, and the project carried out in New Zealand or its outlying islands (e.g. Kermadecs).

Preference will be given to applications that will:

  • involve research into native species. 
  • involve research with a measurable outcome and a commitment to have results published
  • involve people learning as well as being involved
  • demonstrate intent to publish at least part of the funded work in the society's journal Notornis
  • lead to results that will clearly be of benefit to the conservation of New Zealand birds
  • involve research on "Preferred Student Research Topics" (for student research projects)

How and when to apply?

  • Applications for the 2018 funding round have now closed.
  • The next applications will be called for in April 2019.

Current and previously funded projects

  • See links below